The San Francisco-based startup Lightship aims to electrify the recreational vehicle segment just like Tesla did with passenger cars.

Lightship on Wednesday unveiled its first product, the L1, a travel trailer with its own electric powertrain. The company consists of former staff from several EV companies, including Tesla.

Like Airstream's electric trailer concept shown last year, the L1's self-propulsion system means it will draw almost zero energy from the vehicle towing it, according to Lightship.

In other words, an electric truck with a 300-mile range should still be able to cover 300 miles while towing the L1, assuming both vehicles are fully charged. The L1 will also help save fuel for a gas or diesel truck.

When the trailer has reached its destination, the L1's battery, which can be as large as 80 kwh, can power multiple appliances without the need for a generator. An array of solar panels also lines the roof of the L1, which in the right weather conditions can deliver up to 3 kw of charging.

The trailer measures 27 feet in length and can sleep up to six depending on the configuration. It sits 6 feet, 9 inches tall or 10 feet tall when in camp mode. The gross vehicle weight is 7,500 pounds when fully loaded.

The L1 is slated to enter production in late 2024. Lightship is accepting reservations and said pricing will start at $125,000. The company will present the vehicle at the annual SXSW festival which kicks off on March 10 in Austin, Texas.