Mercedes-Benz has been spotted testing an electric compact sedan with coupe-like styling.

The car is destined to be a member of the next-generation CLA-Class range, a preview of which was shown in the form of a concept at the 2023 Munich auto show. The market launch will happen around 2025, meaning an arrival in the U.S. as a 2026 model is likely.

The next CLA-Class, and other members of Mercedes' next-generation compact family, will ride on a newly developed platform called the MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture). The platform will support both hybrid and electric powertrains. Prototypes for the hybrid CLA-Class are also out testing. A high-performance AMG version of the electric CLA-Class is also planned, as evidenced by prototypes.

Mercedes has said the MMA platform will spawn its first model around 2025, likely to be the next CLA-Class. The platform will eventually be used for all Mercedes models ranging up to and including the C-Class segment. An electric C-Class has also been spotted. Above this, Mercedes will have the MB.EA platform for medium and large models, the AMG.EA for high-performance models from AMG, and the Van.EA for light commercial vehicles.

Details from last year's CLA-Class concept that are expected to make production include a Mercedes star logo pattern in the taillights, as well as a dash that consists of one wide panel integrating screens for the digital gauge cluster and infotainment hub, plus circular vents for the climate system.

The concept also points to specifications for EVs based on the MMA platform. According to Mercedes, it had a range of around 350 miles and the ability to add well over 100 miles with less than 15 minutes of charging thanks to an 800-volt electrical system.

The next CLA-Class will be part of a slimmed-down compact range Mercedes refers to as Entry Luxury (further up are Core Luxury and Top-End Luxury). Other models in the Entry Luxury group are expected to include the CLA-Class Shooting Brake, GLA-Class, and GLB-Class, all of which will have an electric option. While the B-Class will be phased out, the A-Class is rumored to be getting a reprise, at least in hatchback form.