Porsche has once again been spotted testing a Taycan prototype fitted with elements normally seen on the automaker's highest-end GT sports cars.

We previously published spy shots of a prototype for an updated Taycan that should arrive later this year to mark the midway point in the electric sedan and wagon's lifecycle. However, the prototype shown here is for something very different.

With all the camouflage of earlier prototypes now gone, there's no missing the new aerodynamic elements, such as the extended front splitter, chunky side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear wing. The new design for the front air curtains integrated with the front fascia can also be clearly seen for the first time.

Lars Kern has been seen behind the wheel at times, including during the latest round of Nürburgring testing, which also points to the prototype as a new high-performance Taycan variant. He is Porsche's hot shoe responsible for many of the automaker's official lap times at the 'Ring, and was the driver of the Taycan Turbo S that last summer clocked a 7:33.35 lap time at the German racetrack. Tesla has since posted a time of 7:25.231 with a Model S Plaid equipped with its available Track Package, and Rimac set the current lap record for a production EV with its Nevera clocking a 7:05:298 just last month.

The new video from YouTube channel Car Spy Media suggests Porsche may be doing the ground work for an attempt on the EV record, or at least setting an official lap time for the new Taycan variant.

Porsche hasn't said whether it plans to introduce faster versions of the Taycan, though rumors have held that a more powerful three-motor variant designed to match not only Tesla's Plaid but also Lucid's Air Sapphire is in the pipeline. Such a variant could be badged a Taycan Turbo GT, similar to the Cayenne Turbo GT's top grade.

Performance in the Taycan currently tops out with the Turbo S grade whose output registers at 616 hp (750 hp temporarily), or enough for 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of around 162 mph. Rumors point to the potential new Taycan range topper packing as much as 1,000 hp, which might drop the 0-60 mph time closer to 2.0 seconds and raise the top speed to around 200 mph.

The mid-cycle update will be introduced across the Taycan range and include more advanced matrix LED headlights with a brighter, more precise light pattern. An updated infotainment system is also likely.