Mercedes-Benz earlier in May announced a new strategy that will see the automaker focus on lower volume but higher margin vehicles like those offered through its AMG and Maybach sub-brands.

The strategy will also include the launch of a new Mythos series offering highly bespoke limited editions. These will be offered, likely via invite only, to loyal customers and collectors, similar to the rival Icona series from Ferrari.

During its announcement, Mercedes confirmed plans for a Maybach version of the latest SL convertible sports car. Mercedes design chief Gordon Wagener has since posted a teaser photo of a concept previewing the upcoming Maybach SL to his Instagram page, which we'll likely see unveiled later this year. The teaser shows a Maybach-style pinstripe grille and a hood dotted with Maybach logos.

Teaser for Mercedes-Benz Maybach SL concept

Teaser for Mercedes-Benz Maybach SL concept

There hasn't been a Maybach SL before but the last S-Class Convertible featured a Maybach model. Currently, the Maybach line is limited to models based on the S-Class sedan and GLS-Class SUV. In the near future, there will be the SL model, plus a model based on the electric EQS SUV. The Maybach EQS SUV was previewed with a concept last year.

Interestingly, Wagener also posted a teaser photo of an SL speedster to his Instagram page, along with a Mythos series tag. The SL speedster hasn't been confirmed for production, so it may only be a concept at this stage.

In addition to the Mythos series, Mercedes in the future will also launch special editions and models developed with partners outside of the automotive industry. The first of these is a special Maybach S-Class developed with late fashion designer Virgil Abloh. Mercedes has also shown the Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture concept as a preview of potential customization options that we may see in the near future.