Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) founder Jim Glickenhaus might seem to have his hands full with off-road racer and sports car projects, but on Thursday he posted to Facebook a rendering of a retro-looking hydrogen fuel-cell supercar concept.

First spotted by Motor1, the SCG 009 concept appears heavily influenced by the Ferrari Modulo, the Pininfarina-designed 1970 concept Glickenhaus bought and converted into a running car.

Glickenhaus didn't offer much detail on the powertrain. The caption for the rendering simply said "liquid hydrogen" and "fuel cell." It's worth noting that all current production fuel-cell cars use gaseous hydrogen instead of liquid hydrogen because it doesn't have to be stored at cold temperatures.

The post also said "range NY-LA" without further elaboration. While that seems to indicate the ability to drive coast to coast, such range would be a massive leap from current cars and highly improbable. The 2021 Toyota Mirai XLE has the longest EPA-estimated range of any fuel-cell car, at 402 miles. That's far short of the thousands of miles a New York to Los Angeles drive would entail.

Relying on hydrogen stations poses problems as well. The rollout of the hydrogen network has been fairly slow, which is why automakers are currently limiting sales of fuel-cell cars to California. SCG would also likely have to use a different infrastructure for liquid hydrogen.

Perhaps that is why the SCG 009 is just a concept, for now at least. The company has plenty of other projects, including a Le Mans Hypercar-class campaign built around the new 007 supercar. That will pit tiny SCG against large automakers like Toyota, so the company is tapping 15-time Le Mans winner Joest Racing and Formula 1 constructor Sauber (currently racing as Alfa Romeo) to assist with the effort.