AddArmor is back with another quick armored car, this time a supercar, a Ferrari 458 Speciale to be specific.

The Jackson, Wyoming-based company is an expert in lightweight armor protection. In 2019, it showed off an Audi RS 7 with B4-rated ballistic protection, billing it at the time as the world's fastest armored car.

Now AddArmor has an even faster armored car, in this case also protected to B4 level. AddArmor said it chose to build the armored Ferrari to demonstrate the flexibility of its services. If you'd like the same level of protection on your own Prancing Horse, it will cost you $625,000. That may seem steep, but if you live in an area where carjackings or kidnapping is a thing, maybe it isn't so unreasonable, if you plan to keep driving your Ferrari.

What's perhaps most impressive is that AddArmor has managed to keep the performance of the 458 Speciale unchanged. Yes, the armored Ferrari can sprint to 60 mph from rest in 2.8 seconds and top out at 202 mph.

Armored Ferrari 458 Speciale by AddArmor

Armored Ferrari 458 Speciale by AddArmor

The company achieved this by offsetting the added weight of the armor protection, a total 156 pounds, by reducing the weight of the 458 Speciale using every available carbon-fiber option Ferrari offered for the car, as well as a lightweight Capristo exhaust system that alone saved 91 pounds (while adding 40 horsepower). With the modifications, it means AddArmor's 458 Speciale only weighs 67 pounds more than a stock example.

“No matter what vehicle AddArmor works on, power-to-weight ratio is always front of mind,” Jeff Engen, president of AddArmor, said in a statement.

According to AddArmor, its armor protection is 10 times stronger than ballistic steel while weighing 60% less than conventional steel. Its B4 ballistic rating means the car can shrug off a .44 Magnum round, the company said. Impressively, AddArmor also said the 458 Speciale can be "easily" converted back to original factory specifications should the owner choose.

AddArmor's services start from $28,000, and while the company calls Wyoming home, it also has locations in Southern California and Mexico.