• Difference between gasoline and hydrogen combustion engines

    Hydrogen has several efficiency advantages over gasoline, but it takes up more space

  • Why hydrogen engines aren't a good idea
    Why hydrogen-powered combustion engines aren't a good idea

    Is hydrogen the future fuel source for the combustion engine?

  • Anheuser-Busch Nikola Two fuel cell semi
    Budweiser brewer orders 800 Nikola hydrogen-powered semi trucks

    Nikola Motor Company, the startup maker of hydrogen-electric-powered semi-trucks, has received quite an order. On Thursday, Anheuser-Busch announced it plans to purchase up to 800 of the company's semis. The order will effectively replace Anheuser-Busch's entire semi fleet with trucks powered by...

  • Nikola One
    Electric news: Bosch and Nikola team up on hydrogen semis, Camel Group invests in Rimac

    Two major movements occurred this week on the alternative-propulsion front. First, Croatian firm Rimac, responsible for the insane Concept_One supercar, announced Chinese battery manufacturer Camel Group has invested $36 million into its future operations. Second, Bosch announced it will join...

  • 2006 BMW Hydrogen 7
    BMW And GM To Form Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership?

    BMW has just announced that it will work more closely with Toyota to advance the development of lithium-ion battery technology for application in future cars. Now there’s word that BMW is also looking for a tie-up with General Motors in the area of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The word...

  • Rimac One Concept
    Vettel's F1 Domination, Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes' Hydrogen Gullwing: Today's Car News

    Sebastian Vettel remains unstoppable at Monza. [MotorAuthority] The 2012 Audi A5 DTM race car is revealed ahead of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. [MotorAuthority] Audi's Urban Concept gets some live photo action ahead of the Frankfurt show. [GreenCarReports] Red Bull Racing and Renault have extended...

  • Ammonia could be used as fuel. Image: Wikipedia user Ben Mills

    Ammonia: Useful in fertilizers, cleaning products and fairly unpleasant in direct human contact. Used as a fuel for vehicles? Certainly not impossible, according to an article in New Scientist. John Fleming and Tim Maxwell at Texas Tech University are developing a system to produce ammonia that can be installed in filling stations. What are the benefits? Rather than using hydrogen to power fuel cells and the associated high-pressure storage problems associated with this, Fleming and Maxwell would use water to produce hydrogen from electrolysis, and this is then combined with nitrogen from the...

  • First Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle delivery, Newport Beach, Dec 2010
    Mercedes-Benz Bringing Mass-Produced Fuel Cell Cars To Market By 2014

    While the interest in hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles has waned lately, due mostly to media’s attention centering on the latest generation of battery powered electric cars and plug-in hybrids, several automakers including industry giant Daimler are still backing their cause. Just a few...

  • 2006 GM Jay Leno EcoJet Concept
    Jay Leno’s 2006 EcoJet Concept Makes Appearance At All GM Show

    For those who don’t remember, the EcoJet was a concept car built by General Motors back in 2006 together with auto aficionado and television personality Jay Leno. The vehicle made its debut at the SEMA Auto Show of that same year and was penned at GM’s Advanced Design Studio in Warren...

  • Gear Shift
    2009: The Year In Reverse

    We're just a couple of days away from rear-ending 2010, so like all major media outlets, we thought we'd take a break from real reporting (don't worry: nothing's happening) and look back at some of 2009's notable moments. It was an...interesting year for the auto industry to say the least, and...

  • Ian Ziering
    Ian Ziering Takes A Spin In A Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell EV

    We don't quite know what to do with Ian Ziering. On the one hand, he's a car enthusiast, and he's got a touch of Softcore Green Tech Nerd about him -- both laudable traits in our book. Also, he's kept his shiznit together since the original 90120 was canned in 2000; he hasn't gone crazy, or gotten...

  • Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL
    Mercedes-Benz Shipping 100 B-Class Fuel-Cell Cars To U.S.

    Mercedes-Benz will build 200 fuel-cell vehicles, each based on the current B-Class compact.

  • Jesse James Streamliner

    Jesse James, American engineer, stuntman and all around lunatic successfully shattered the land speed record for a hydrogen powered vehicle for his latest show Jesse James Is A Dead Man – a show in which he cheats death every week by taking on a different challenge. But not everyone is so sure of James' record. James, who is married to actress Sandra Bullock (who starred in Speed, somewhat fittingly), claimed to have broken the world land-speed record for a hydrogen powered car June 16 in the Mojave desert. Jesse's speed of 199.7mph (321km/h) was documented by the Southern California...

  • The Highlander FCHV fuel-cell vehicle concept
    Toyota could have hydrogen fuel-cell car on the road by 2014

    Honda's FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle has grabbed lots of headlines, as has BMW's combustion-powered Hydrogen7 and Mazda's rotary RE line of vehicles, including the RX-8. But Toyota is working on a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle too, and it could be on the streets by 2014. Well, the streets of...

  • 2009 Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle
    Obama kills the hydrogen car by slashing research funding

    There may be debate over who killed the electric car, but we can now say with some certainty that the culprit behind killing the hydrogen car is none other than President Barack Obama. In his new budget, the President has eliminated funding to develop hydrogen fuel-cell cars, scrapping a $1.2...

  • mercedes benz f cell roadster study 007
    Mercedes Benz design students pen F-CELL Roadster design study

    With its skinny, spoked open wheels and an open-air cabin, the Mercedes Benz F-CELL Roadster looks more like the cars of the turn of the 20th century than those of the 21st, but design students blended the two to illustrate a point. The combination of old and new symbolizes a rebirth of thinking...

  • bmw hydrogen direct injection 003
    BMW announces new hydrogen tech that beats diesels for efficiency

    Hydrogen fuel is often derided as an impractical and inefficient solution - and for the most part, the critics are right. But BMW is forging ahead with its hydrogen-burning cars, today announcing a technological development that has raised thermal efficiency to 42% - one percent greater than...

  • High-output HH2 Water Fuel Cell system
    Hydrogen-based technology claimed to boost power and reduce emissions

    A company based in California is claiming to have developed an emissions-reducing product for conventional motor vehicles that it boasts could help the auto industry meet upcoming emissions regulations. The company is HydroLectricPower and the technology will be on show at this week's Los Angeles...

  • Formula H sketch

    The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), an Australian university, has unveiled Australia's first hydrogen powered race car, dubbed 'Formula H' and developed in conjunction with the Fachhochschule Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences. With speeds of around 106mph (170km/h) expected, the car will be racing to put its name in the Guinness Book of Records should it be successful in outpacing its single-seater hydrogen-powered competitors. If 106mph doesn't sound exactly blistering, don't write off the capabilities of hydrogen just yet - last year Ford raced a hydrogen-powered...

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