The loudest utility-vehicle maker of the last generation has a silent future. GMC on Thursday confirmed rumors that it will resurrect the Hummer name on an upcoming vehicle that will arrive next year with an electric powertrain.

The automaker released four short videos it will use to advertise during the Super Bowl next month to tease the hotly anticipated uber 'ute. The numbers are eye-popping: 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 pound-feet of torque, and 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds. Fans won't have to wait long either. The GMC Hummer EV will be revealed in May, according to the automaker.

GMC didn't say much else about the Hummer apart from it goes on sale in fall 2021 and will be a truck. The Hummer grille, which was teased in all four videos, largely follows the brand's signature before it was shuttered in 2010. A GMC logo appears under the wide, bright grille, above tow hooks, and is far smaller than the outward "Hummer" branding.

The power and performance numbers are largely unmatched among utility vehicles and underscore the capabilities of an electric powertrain, measured against traditional metrics. GMC didn't specify if its torque measurement was taken at the motor, axle, or wheel. GMC also didn't say if those figures will apply to a top-spec Hummer EV or to all Hummer EV trucks, but the figures will be unprecedented among anything offered by a mainstream automaker so far.

Two numbers GMC left out: the Hummer EV's range and price.

GMC said in a statement that the Hummer EV truck will be built at the automaker's Detroit-Hamtramck facility that will specialize in strictly electric powertrains for GM in the future. The plant is slated to produce a Cadillac EV SUV, Cruise Automation's self-driving vehicle, a successor to the Chevy Bolt EV, and others. A battery plant announced last year for Youngstown, Ohio, may supply the Hummer EV with its battery pack to produce its prolific power. 

The Hummer EV truck will be revealed May 20 and will go on sale in fall 2021.

Clarification: A previous version of this story did not specify that the Hummer EV will be a truck.