Late last year, EV startup Karma, the maker of the Revero GT extended-range electric sedan, released a teaser for a pickup truck.

At the time, Karma said the pickup was a concept that would be used to demonstrate how Karma's extended-range electric powertrain technology could be applied to a wide range of vehicles.

Fast forward to today and Karma has confirmed that it will put the pickup truck—and a related SUV—into production at its plant in Moreno Valley, California. A concept of the pickup truck is expected to be unveiled later this year.

Bloomberg reported the news on Monday based on comments made by Kevin Pavlov, Karma's new chief operations officer. Pavlov revealed that the pickup truck and SUV would be based on a new all-wheel-drive platform and cost less than the current Revero GT which lists from $135,000. Karma has mananged to sell about 1,000 Reveros since the nameplate was launched in 2017.

While rival EV startups are all focused on battery-electric powertrains, Karma sees a place for extended-range electric powertrains, especially in commercial vehicles. The company is also developing battery-electric vehicles, the first of which is due in 2021. These will be based on a battery-electric platform supporting battery size ranging up to 120 kilowatt-hours, or enough juice for 350 miles of range.