We drove the Vanderhall Edison 2, an electric three-wheeler that costs $34,950, and found there's no better way to get attention, even in Beverly Hills. With three wheels, stability isn't the Edison 2's calling card, but its manual steering reacts with telepathic precision.

Fugitive ex-executive Carlos Ghosn has an ominous prediction for the company he formerly ran and allegedly defrauded. Ghosn told his lawyer that Nissan will go bankrupt in two to three years. Ghosn is currently in Lebanon after fleeing Japan in a large box with holes cut into it. He says he fled because he felt he couldn't get a fair trail in Japan.

Indomitus is a 2017 Ford F-500 Super Duty 6x6 that was built by the crew at "Diesel Brothers" for the Minnesota Soybean Research Council. The monster promotional truck, which can run on regular or biodiesel fuel, is now for sale, and it can be yours for $135,000.

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