Volkswagen Group in an update to investors made last week announced plans to invest 35 billion euros (approximately $41.5 billion) over the next five years on battery-electric vehicles.

Included in the plans was a four-door EV referred to as the Aero for the Volkswagen brand, which will be built at VW Group's plant in Emden, Germany, starting in 2023.

The plant currently builds VW's ID.4 electric crossover, as well as the Passat and related Arteon. In its announcement, VW Group said production of the Passat will be moved to a plant in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2023.

As there was no mention of the fate of the Arteon, it's likely the new Aero ends up replacing the handsome coupe-like sedan.

The Aero is thought to be the production version of 2018's ID.Vizzion concept which was also a coupe-like sedan. VW also rolled a related wagon concept dubbed the ID.Vizzion Space in 2019 and has made strong hints that a production version is planned. The wagon will likely replace the Arteon Shooting Brake launched earlier this year outside the United States.

Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion concept

Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion concept

The good news is that we've heard production versions of both the ID.Vizzion and ID.Vizzion Space are headed to these shores, as replacements for both the Passat and Arteon.

The ID.Vizzion concepts are based on VW Group's MEB modular EV platform and feature 82-kilowatt-hour batteries that VW said give them approximately 300 miles of range as measured by the EPA. In a nod to enthusiasts, the concepts also send their 275 horsepower to the rear wheels; a dual-motor, all-wheel drive variant could produce 355 hp, VW said.

How much of that will end up making it through to production remains to be seen, but we shouldn't have to wait too long to find out.

In its update to investors, VW Group also said a new production line will be added to its plant in Hanover, Germany, for three mid-size electric SUVs. The identity of these models wasn't revealed but there are rumors they are new performance models for the Audi, Bentley and Porsche brands.

The Hanover plant, which currently builds the VW Transporter van, will also build the modern Microbus. The new Bus will be an EV and was previewed in 2017 by VW's ID.Buzz concept. It's expected to debut in 2021 and should reach the U.S. the following year.