Ferrari has been spotted testing a camouflaged prototype that looks to be for a new coupe related to the Portofino.

The prototype in the video looks to have a different profile to the Portofino, and when the driver hits the brakes we can see that the third brake light is mounted at the roof instead of on the trunk lid spoiler like on the Portofino.

It's hard to judge but the prototype could also be sporting a shorter wheelbase than the Portofino, perhaps pointing to the new car being a strict 2-seater instead of a 2+2. The rear seats on the Portofino don't really make much sense anyway, since they're so cramped.

Ferrari is known to be introducing five cars in 2019. With the F8 Tributo, F8 Spider, SF90 Stradale and 812 GTS all already unveiled this year, that leaves us with just one unknown. The fifth and final model is expected to be unveiled in mid-November, so perhaps the new coupe is what we'll see.

Don't expect the car to be called a Dino, as Ferrari has put plans for a modern Dino on hold. Also don't expect it to be priced less than the Portofino, which starts at $211,000. Ferrari has no problem of selling every car it builds so the company doesn't really need to reduce the price of entry.

Stay tuned for an update.