A revival of Ferrari’s entry-level Dino model is still possible, but don’t expect it any time soon.

Those are the words of Ferrari Chief Commercial Officer Enrico Galliera. When asked by Autocar in an interview published Monday about the prospects of a new-age Dino, Galliera said, “I would never use the word dead in the future strategy. [But] it’s certainly not something that we're planning shortly.”

Rumors of a reborn Dino date back to 2015 when former Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne said it was “not a question of if but when” Ferrari would produce a mid-engine sports car with a V-6 engine. But the idea of a less expensive Ferrari has been continually punted, and it doesn’t sound as if the iconic brand is currently interested in building a more accessible model.

Enrico Galliera

Enrico Galliera

Instead, Ferrari is working on 15 new models that will launch by 2022, including the already introduced F8 Tributo and SF90 Stradale. Ferrari is also working on a super SUV that will take on the likes of the Lamborghini Urus.

The biggest roadblock for a new Dino making production is price. Ferrari isn’t lacking for customers at its current price points, and company execs worry that developing a model to sell at a lower price point could hurt the company’s profitability. Previous rumors suggested the Dino would sell at a $20,000 discount compared to Ferrari’s most modestly priced model, the Portofino.

So the door is still open for a new Ferrari Dino, but only just.