With boatloads of waxes and ceramic coatings on the market, no one is at fault for feeling confused or indecisive about which to pick. Luckily, YouTuber Scott H has done those of us who love our cars a massive service.

A year and a half ago the YouTuber applied numerous waxes and ceramic coatings to a car hood to see how well each could stand the test of time in the elements. Temperature changes (hot to cold) and precipitation have all tried to do their worst to the hood. All products entered, but only the best show their results 18 months later.

A total of 34 different wax and ceramic coatings are on the hood. This is video update number nine, so do flip back to see when other products failed. For now, we'll focus on the ones that have survived for a year and a half. That's a rather significant amount of time since many owners will wax their cars before winter in hopes it provides some protection until the next year.

The standout product in our eyes in CQuartz UK. After washing the hood and rinsing it off, it looks as if the product was just applied. Plenty of lovely water beads are still present in the square where the YouTuber applied CQuartz. NuFinish has hung on, but our cameraman reckons it won't last more than another month. Other notable products on the hood include IGL Eclipse (though we don't like the oil swirl discoloration present), CeramicPro 9H, and GlossitPro 9H. Adam's Paint Coating also still looks mighty good.

The standard waxes many like to use from auto store parts stores haven't held up well, however. We see Griots, Phillips, Meguiar's, and Simoniz have all failed, and each is a popular store-bought solution. That's not to say they won't help in the short term, but they certainly won't last for the long haul. And who wants to keep waxing their car? Have a look for yourself how they all fared in the video above.