As many parts of the world begin to thaw after winter, it's time to give the cars a much-needed bath after months of snow, salt, slush and other road debris.

Some may recall AMMO Auto Care produced a video showcasing an intense detailing routine to rid any car of salt last year, but this time around, the company has focused on the casual detailer. Instead of all the fancy equipment, removing the wheels and tires, and raising the car to clean the undercarriage, the company decided to make a compressed version of the routine. It's still plenty effective, but it's suited for someone who wants to spend a few hours giving their car a spring cleaning, not a few days.

AMMO goes over nine steps to give the car a good cleaning. They include the interior, engine, wheels, undercarriage, paint, door jambs, protection, glass, and trim care. Each is pretty self-explanatory, but our host goes over a lot of nifty tips to detail the inside and outside of the car without a lot of materials and equipment. Things like using warm water and mild laundry detergent can help lift stains from car seats are always good tips to have.

The biggest part of any spring cleaning is the undercarriage. We don't see it often, but we should clean it every so often. Instead of jacking the car up and removing the tires and wheels, AMMO has a very DIY solution. For those that don't have a pressure washer that will reach the area, attach a regular hose to a broomstick. Then, all you need to do is crouch under the car and it's easy to spray areas with the added length of the broomstick. Ideally, an undercarriage wash solution is good to get the car squeaky clean.

From there, AMMO goes over the proper exterior wash procedure and how to apply protective wax to bring the paint back to life and protect it from the sun as the weather warms up. Check out the full process in the video above.