Most of the time, we're worried about a car's paint beaming from a mile away. However, it's easy to forget nearly any part of the exterior can take a beating, and that includes a car's taillights.

Detailing firm Ammo is back with another informative video about how to keep a car looking great and focuses on how to properly fix scratched taillights. Good news for casual detailers: it's really simple. The same kinds of products, tools, and machines used to polish a car's paint can easily fix taillights.

Before you storm out to the garage to take a buffer to your ride's taillights, do know it can be as simple as using a microfiber towel. In the video, we see a dot of compound applied to a run-of-the-mill microfiber towel before the technician rubs it into the taillight. All you need to remember is to flip the towel to a new portion to make sure the compound doesn't cut into the area that was nicely polished.

How to fix scratched taillights

How to fix scratched taillights

For those who want to get fancier, taking a small cutting pad and attaching it to a drill or specific tool for tight spaces works even better. Here, the video shows a specific tool used for crevices with a tiny pad. Just like paint, buff the taillight, clean the pad, and finish until the desired result shows.

Keep in mind that polishing the taillight removes a little bit of plastic, so it's best to not get crazy and go too deep. Otherwise, it's a great way to keep a car's rear end looking fresh.