Audi's first electric SUV is subject to a new recall.

A recall has been issued for 1,644 2019 Audi e-tron SUVs for a potentially poor battery seal that could lead to a "thermal event" or "short circuit," per Audi. The total number of affected cars includes 544 e-tron SUVs that have been delivered to customers. The battery itself isn't the problem. Instead, it's a battery seal that may allow moisture to enter. Specifically, a defective grommet may allow moisture inside the pack and eventually lead to battery corrosion, Green Car Reports reported on Monday.

Corrosion can lead to an increased chance of a short circuit and the "thermal event" that Audi mentioned. By "thermal event," Audi means a potential fire in the case of a vehicle crash.

Owners will know if their e-tron has the poor battery seal if the yellow battery warning light illuminates on the instrument panel. Audi said to take the warning seriously. 

2019 Audi E-tron

2019 Audi E-tron

"Should a yellow battery warning light appear, appropriate actions should be taken to stop and park the vehicle in the open, do not charge and contact roadside assistance to make arrangements to have the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection/service without delay," the brand said.

For those who do not see the warning light, the electric SUV is completely fine to continue driving and charging. For any inconvenience to owners with an e-tron showing the warning light (or those who choose not to drive their vehicle), Audi will swap out the vehicle with another e-tron at the owner's place of choice. If an e-tron is not available, Audi will provide a car with an internal-combustion engine and an $800 cash card for higher fuel costs and other expenses incurred.

Vehicles the recall does not affect are still available for delivery and the reservation system to order an e-tron is still open.