A Bentley Continental GT is probably the last vehicle we'd imagine for a tank conversion. Yet, here we are.

YouTube channel AcademeG, based in Russia, posted video of the luxurious beast of a tank that's nearly complete. It almost totally works and will manage to topple over any terrain. Meanwhile, the British charm and luxury inside is alive and well, which is somewhat hilarious to see in contrast.

Officially called the Ultratank, the modified Bentley rides on real tank treads and seems to have no issues paving a path wherever the driver wants to go. Unfortunately, the video is in Russian, so we can only gather information from what we watch. It appears there are a few problems with the build. About halfway through, a tread comes off when the driver makes a left turn. Motor1 reported it's due to a lack of tension in the tread itself, which is kind of a big problem. Anytime the Bentley-turned-tank corners to quickly, the treads have a tendency to slip off.

Reportedly, the brake pedal doesn't work, either, so the driver needs to bring the hulking mass of British and Russian machinery to a halt by natural means.

Right now, the tank will do about 31 mph and the crazy group behind the project want it to go doubly fast for a top speed of 62 mph. That's more than enough speed to get wherever the tank needs to go. The team also needs to fashion a set of doors for the tank eventually, but we kind of like the chopped and open look of the peculiar piece of engineering.

Nevertheless, hats off to these guys because there's a lot of mad engineering going on here.