Carlos Ghosn, the former chief of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, was released on bail on Thursday after he was arrested for a second time earlier in April on suspicions of financial misconduct.

The arrest was made only a day after Ghosn took to Twitter to reveal that he was ready to "tell the truth" about his alleged financial misconduct while running the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance.

He was first arrested last November and released on bail in March. His original arrest was also due to alleged financial misconduct, specifically underreporting income with financial regulators and transferring personal investment losses onto Nissan's books.

In a video released after his second arrest, Ghosn claimed his innocence and described the whole ordeal as a “conspiracy” against him. Rumors have swirled that Nissan executives potentially set Ghosn up for failure as he proposed merging Renault and Nissan, which would have cost the Japanese company some of its autonomy.

Under the conditions of his bail, Ghosn musk remain in Japan and is not allowed to have contact with people related to the investigation. He has also been blocked from meeting with his wife, Carole, without first applying for permission from the court, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing Japanese news reports.

Ghosn now awaits his trial where he will face four separate indictments, including two charges of aggravated breach of trust.