Toyota is constructing an expansive research and development center settled in Aichi, Japan, and included in the sprawling site will be 11 separate test tracks. And one of the tracks already completed mimics tough elements of the famed Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

Known as the Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama, the 1,600-acre site's 11 tracks have been designed to reproduce various driving conditions to ensure future vehicles meet regulations and requirements globally, including dedicated areas for self-driving cars.

The pseudo-Nürburgring has been constructed to test steering and braking stability along with other essential driving functions in rigorous conditions. It hardly matches the German circuit in length, however. Toyota's track encompasses roughly 3.3 miles, while the 'Ring spans 12.9 miles total.

Still, the track features similar corners along with rapid elevation changes dropped in for good measure. Altitude gaps reach 246 feet, which should prove quite demanding for vehicles subjected to the test course.

Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama in Aichi, Japan

Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama in Aichi, Japan

Toyota has committed more than $2.8 billion to developing the Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama. Still to come is a high-speed test course, specialized courses that reproduce particular road surfaces from around the world, and technical offices.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2023 at which point around 3,300 staff will be located at the site.