We implore you to take a listen to a stock Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 because it sounds that good, but this example is something else.

Fair warning to headphone users, it's loud. With that out of the way, let's talk about this mad Shelby GT350. The car is pushing 1,348 horsepower at the rear wheels, which is utterly incredible.

Sometimes we forget that 1,000 hp was something reserved for very few modified cars just 10 years ago. Today, it's a common tuning package from so many companies across the country for multiple cars. We have to note this shop, Fat House Fabrications, performed a 1,200-hp package on this Shelby GT350 and it overshot the bar by 148 ponies. Torque sits at 913 pound-feet.

The twin-turbo system is running 23 psi worth of boost to push the V-8 engine into the stratosphere, but there's a laundry list of other upgrades the company installs to reach this point. The list includes a new exhaust with hand-built headers, a new ECU package, fuel pump, carbon fiber driveshaft, and a 4.5-inch thick intercooler. Drag radial tires are also part of the package here.

In the video, we're treated to some lovely and lumpy idle from the car as it rolls onto the dyno. Once there, we go through a few quick shifts before the operator gets ready for the moment everyone waits for the: the pull. In this case, prepare your eardrums for the 0:42 mark because it's loud. For those that don't know, the Shelby GT350 loves to rev, and it's incredible to hear the engine continue soaring before the pull crescendoes and ends.

The company claims this is now the highest horsepower Shelby GT350 in the world. Other companies, time to step it up.