The mighty Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is nothing without the supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 under its scooped hood. Thanks to a video from Hagerty, we know exactly what the innards of the demonic powerplant look like.

The company produced a time-lapse video of the engine being assembled from its component parts. From the block's final bolts, to the head gasket, to the big supercharger sitting atop it all, the basket of pieces arrived at the Hagerty workshop ready for master mechanic Davin Reckow to put the monster back together. Along the way, we see just what makes the Demon tick.

Particularly, Reckow found torque-to-yield bolts. Each one of these bolts is torqued to a certain specification, then turned to a set degree. He recalled this was very different from the previous Hemi V-8 he'd put together. Despite the modern technology and methods, the engine is still a traditional lump of metal—a big V-8 with a massive supercharger on top.

The supercharger is the big power boon for the Demon. Installing the component showed off the changes Dodge made to extract more power over the 707-hp Hellcats. The supercharger is 2.7 liters compared to the Hellcat's 2.4-liter unit, there are air chillers that work with the air conditioning to cool the intake air, and not one, but two dual-stage fuel pumps are onboard. The latter boasts stronger internals over the Hellcat to handle the gobs of power the Demon makes while running 100 octane fuel.

If the technical stuff isn't for you, at least stick around for the mesmerizing videography as the engine is put back together. Click on the video above to watch 840 horsepower come to life like Frankenstein's monster.