The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk benefits from a four-wheel-drive system to put its power down more effectively, but that means smokey burnouts are off limits. Or are they?

It appears it only takes a few minutes to turn the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk into a burnout machine. The Drive first reported on the quick trick on Wednesday. It's a surprisingly simple trick that only requires pulling a fuse for the traction control system. Stefan Williams, who posts to the YouTuber channel Mod2Fame, discovered the modification in his Dodge Durango SRT. During a cars and coffee event held at Motor Envy in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, he wanted to see if the same trick applied to the closely related Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

As the video shows, it does. All it takes is opening the hood to get to the fuse box and pulling the right fuse to turn the Trackhawk into a tire-roasting machine. We're not sure what actually goes on when an owner pulls the fuse, but we do see a traction control light appear in the gauge cluster, as well as a warning message.

For those who do want to show off, pulling the fuse makes it very easy for the SUV to send up glorious plumes of smoke. The driver just needs to put the SUV into first gear to get maximum wheelspin and the rest of the operation is identical to any other automatic transmission-equipped vehicle capable of roasting its tires.

As for the rest of the time, it's best to drive around with a fully functioning traction control system in a Hellcat-powered, 707-horsepower SUV.

Those who don't plan on pulling fuses, know that Jeep ensured the SUV works flawlessly with its four-wheel-drive system. Jeep modified the full-time active transfer case with forged steel chain sprockets and a wider chain. A limited-slip differential at the rear also controls power, which in this case, allows both tires to spin for burnouts.

The Trackhawk action begins at 2:12 in the video above. Check it out to watch a four-wheel-drive vehicle roast its rear tires.