Italian firm Castagna has plans to turn Audi's largest sedan into an Avant-style wagon.

The firm shared renderings of the future project on social media earlier this month, depicting a previous-generation A8 that has ditched its standard trunk in order to become a full-sized wagon. Castagna didn't reveal much else about the project, but did say the modifications would be constructed with a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber. 

We'll have to see the final product when the A8 wagon is completed because something about the A8's full-size nature makes the car in the renderings look a tad off-balance. Or perhaps it's the rendering with the darker color for the new construction that's throwing our eyes off. We'll remind you that Audi itself previewed a full-size wagon as recently as 2015 with its Prolouge Allroad concept.

Audi A8 Avant wagon by Castagna

Audi A8 Avant wagon by Castagna

The customer who commissioned the A8 wagon definitely has a thing for obscure vehicles, though. The company revealed that it is the same customer who commissioned a Fiat 500 wagon back in 2015. For the 500 wagon, Castagna increased the rear overhang of the Italian hatch to create the wagon body, moved the C-pillar back, mounted a longer rear window to keep things proportionate, and installed a proper tailgate. The exterior featured wood exterior trim, which helped the company properly title the creation a "Woody Wagon."

Now, the customer needs something larger than the stretched Fiat, and the A8 is a good place to start for those in need of more room.

Castagna didn't provide a timeline on when we'll see the A8 wagon in the metal, but the Fiat wagon made its debut at the Geneva auto show four years ago. Perhaps the company will grace next year's Geneva show with another wagon creation.