Genesis has provided the first look at a new digital instrument cluster that will soon be making its way into the Korean firm's cars.

It will launch in the G70 sedan in the Korean market starting next year but availability in other markets is yet to be announced.

The 12.3-inch screen is said to be the first with realistic 3D imagery. The screen has the ability to track the eyes of the driver and through the use of stereoscopy can give the illusion of depth.

The screen is customizable so drivers who may find the 3D imagery uncomfortable can switch to regular 2D. Drivers will also be able to choose what information is displayed such as traditional gauges as well as directions and even a lap timer.

The screen will also have its own modes that will change depending on what driving mode is selected. For example, in sport mode readings for speed and engine revs are highlighted.

The G70 has just gone on sale in the United States as a 2019 model, with the starting price set at $35,895, including destination. It's possible the digital screen will be made available for 2020. Genesis is also expected to introduce a major update for its G80 for 2020, so we could see the technology debut on this model in our market.