Toyota looks to be readying a new version of its 86 sports car developed in part with its Gazoo Racing motorsport department.

A teaser video was posted to social media on Monday along with the tag a “passion for speed,” though there isn't much we can decipher from the short clip.

The teaser was posted to the Twitter account of Toyota's branch in Spain, so it's possible the campaign is simply promoting a local launch of an existing 86 model with Gazoo Racing's GR branding, like the 86 GR or 86 GR Sport already available in Japan.

GR is a performance sub-brand that Toyota and Gazoo Racing launched in 2017 as a rival to the likes of Nismo and Volkswagen R. Toyota is yet to announce the introduction of GR in the United States, and has instead hinted that the sub-brand may be introduced here under a different name, possibly the more familiar TRD.

GR cars include a number of upgrades over stock Toyota models and sit in a hierarchy with GR Sport at the bottom, GR at the middle, and GRMN at the top. Toyota launched an 86 GRMN in 2015 but just 100 examples were built exclusively for the Japanese market. They came with extra power, lower weight, an uprated chassis, and extra downforce.

We'll bring you an update as soon as we learn what Toyota is teasing here.