It was confirmed over the weekend that Porsche is done with selling diesels and will instead focus its efforts on electrifying its lineup and launching new electric cars.

Soon, though, we could see most of the automaker's lineup do away with internal combustion engines of all sorts as demand for electric cars grow.

CEO Oliver Blume has previously stated that he sees a quarter of Porsche's sales being electric cars by 2025, but Germany's Manager Magazin (subscription required) reported Thursday that revised plans at Porsche sees electric cars potentially accounting for as much as 75 percent of sales by the same date.

In such a scenario Porsche's plan would call for every model line except the 911 to be fully electric by 2027, Manager Magazin reported.

The move is something Blume hinted at in April when he said during Porsche's annual results conference that the 911 will never go fully electric but the option was on the table for Porsche's other sports car line, the 718.

Manager Magazin reported that the transition to a mostly electric lineup could start as early as 2022 with the launch of a redesigned Macan as a fully electric model. They have been rumors that the next Macan could based on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) modular electric platform being developed by Porsche with fellow Volkswagen Group brand Audi.

Porsche's first electric car, the Taycan, is due in 2019 and already has a substantial order list built up. The automaker is currently looking at building 20,000 Taycans per year but has the capacity to lift this if demand remains strong.