When life gives you a wrecked BMW M1, don't make M1 lemonade...make art.

BMW did not make many examples of its amazing M1 supercar. In fact, just 453 were built in total between 1978 and 1981. Two of those have now become one in an effort to spruce up one owner's amazing garage, according to Motor1. The first car was acquired via the auction website Bring A Trailer. It was a 1980 model that had been in a serious accident that left it totaled. Despite the carnage, the seller was asking $125,000.

A second wrecked M1 was found not long after and a decision was made to combine both cars. The owner didn't aim to make them roadworthy, but instead to make them wall worthy. Each car was in a terrible state, so the owner commissioned an effort to forge the BMWs together into a single shell to create a work of art. Now, the owner's garage might be considered a work of art in its own right by some. It's a three-story unit complete with multiple audio zones and lighting controls.

On one of those stories you'll find the melded BMW M1. It's hung on the wall and it's been fitted with enough electrical work so the owner can turn on the lights. As much as we the owner they could also turn on the once-glorious 3.5-liter inline-6-cylinder engine that used to live out back, we can appreciate the steps taken to give new life to a pair of otherwise scrapheap-ready icons of German motoring.

A video of the process of hanging the car was produced by Service Tech Audio Visual, which goes by ServiceTechAVinc on YouTube. The name and location of the obviously well-off owner isn't divulged in the video above, but Service Tech is located in Austin, Texas.

This must have cost a serious amount of cash. Each vehicle could fetch a surprising amount of money despite the terrible state in which they were sold. Then to fabricate one clean car from two wrecked ones and properly hang and wire it to the wall? That's not cheap.

Regardless, it had to cost far less money than what Pablo Perez Campanc likely paid to hang a Pagani Zonda Revolucion in the middle of a room