Pablo Perez Campanc loves all things Pagani. The Argentinian race car driver, who has competed in Indy Car racing among other series, owns a Pagani Zonda that he drives on a regular basis. Now he also owns a Pagani Zonda that he keeps inside his house where it is mounted as a work of art suspended in mid-air.

We view any Pagani as a work of art. Perez Campanc is taking that idea to the next level by actually hanging a Pagani as a piece of art. The car in question is a Zonda Revolucion, which is one of the more insane members of the Zonda family. This one, thankfully, is just a body. No hulking 800-horsepower AMG-built V-12 engine has been laid to rest.

Perez Campanc shared the image of his new wall art on his Instagram page. The car is nicknamed Dark Minion, and we're not sure why he decided to retire this body in such a manner. We'd love to see and hear the beast out running on the twisty roads and challenging tracks of the world.

Regardless, Perez Campanc has one hell of a talking piece whenever guests come over. "Oh the bathroom, it's down the hall, past the Pagani, on your right."

For those not up on their Pagani lore, the Zonda Revolucion was a track-only technical masterpiece introduced in 2013. It boasted true Formula One bits, such as a Drag Reduction System and a magnesium sequential gearbox. The asking price was said to be nearly $3,000,000. But that was for one with all of the fun pieces still bolted in place.

This one should cost a bit less, but then again, art can appreciate in value.