Tesla has just launched a new Track Package for the Model 3 Performance that adds a number of tasty hardware upgrades.

The pack will set you back $5,500, which includes installation, and is available exclusively for Model 3 Performance sedans equipped with the existing $5,000 Performance Upgrade.

It's designed to improve the cornering, braking and high-speed stability of the Model 3 and comes with new 20-inch wheels with concealed lug nuts, 245/35-size Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and high-performance brake pads.

It will begin deliveries in April.

Track Package designed for Tesla Model 3 Performance sedans equipped with Performance Upgrade

Track Package designed for Tesla Model 3 Performance sedans equipped with Performance Upgrade

Tesla also told Roadshow in an interview published Tuesday that all Model 3 Performance owners will be receiving an updated version of the Track Mode rolled out in 2018.

While the original version of Track Mode adjusted the Model 3 Performance's stability control software, as well as the software for the regenerative brakes and powertrain cooling, to suit specific conditions, the new version, appropriatedly dubbed Track Mode V2, lets the driver adjust these via the main screen—including how much torque is sent between the axles. Yes, you can now turn your Tesla into a real drift machine with a slide of the finger.

Track Mode V2 also provides features typically found in performance data recorders offered by rivals. Specific features include real-time data for the brakes, tires, batteries and electric motors, as well as a g-force meter, accelerometer, and a lap timer where owners can drop a pin to create a start and finish point. All of the data can then be downloaded to a file via USB. Track Mode V2 also has the ability for a driver to save vehicle settings for specific tracks. For example, a driver could save a setting with a high level of regenerative braking for a track with a lot of corners.

Track Mode V2 is currently being rolled out as a free over-the-air update.