Jon Olsson is doing everything right. The man knows how to enjoy life, and part of that involves taking a car and modifying it in a way that works for him. The latest example of this is Olsson's Mercedes-Benz G550, which has been transformed into a roofless go-anywhere mobile.

It has a name. The massive rig is called Lord Hans, and it's the fanciest beach cruiser you're going to find. The roof was removed because Jon couldn't park the truck in any Monaco parking garage. Now it fits, and it's become a one-of-a-kind truck in the process.

Fitting with the Monaco ideal, you'll find teak decking installed and sourced by a boat builder. The wheels come straight from an AMG 6x6, and they lend more credence to the "safari style" the boys in the video keep referencing. Further reinforcing that idea is the fact that the second row of seating sits slightly higher than the front seats.

There is more than enough lighting to illuminate all of Monaco, and the sound will also keep the city awake. When the throttle is punched, the brutish rig sounds off authoritatively. An Akrapovic exahust system has been installed. It's a unique setup that is controlled through an app. It takes the truck from fairly loud to in your face shouty.

As insane as the Monaco car scene tends to be, this one is going to stand out amongst any supercars. It's massive. It's loud. It's covered in winter camo, just like all of the other cars in Olsson's fleet. In fact, this one may be his wildest build yet and we're completely in love with it.

On top of all of that, the truck is still useful. Olsson uses the truck to haul boxes, and there's room on the rear teak deck and the nose. It's luxurious, outrageous, yet it's still a useful truck.

Bravo Jon Olsson, bravo.