Remeber video showing lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano engulfing and melting a Ford Mustang? The video quickly spread across the internet, and the owner has spoken out since the lava reached his home on the state's Big Island.

In an interview with WX Chasing, owner Michael Hale explained why he left the silver Mustang behind as lava approached his home. Hale said the Mustang had a dead battery at the time and needed a jump. Ultimately, it fell low on the priority list as friends and family helped him take scoop up anything they could ahead of the natural disaster.

Hale reportedly owns a small car-rental business and friends helped him move a handful of other cars out of harm's way. The owner also left behind what he called a "junk truck." It's unclear if the junk truck made it out of the lava flow, but Hale didn't mention its status. 

Thus far, lava has engulfed 104 acres of land and taken at least 26 homes with it. With the volcanic activity has come a series of earthquakes, to make matters even more unfortunate. This past Friday, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook the island, though structural damage was minimal. The Mustang met its fate slowly but surely as the lava inched towards the car. Though, it was somewhat impressive to see just how well the Mustang handled the destruction; lava flows measure about 895 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for Hale, he's not upset about the Mustang one bit. He is, however, heartbroken about something else he lost in the volcanic eruption: an R2-D2 mailbox his daughter made for him as a Christmas gift years ago.

"That had sentimental value. The Mustang, I do have other cars," Hale said.


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