Rolls-Royce is embracing its dark side. The British automaker is on a quest to expand its bespoke offerings, and the Black Badge cars are part of this journey. Now there's a handful of new members in the group and you can refer to them as the Adamas Collection.

There will be 40 Wraiths and 30 Dawns that receive the Adamas treatment. What that entails is a whole lot of darkness, and the results are stunning. Right away you'll find a Spirit of Ecstasy that's not the shining example of luxury you expect to find. Instead, the lovely lady has been machined from carbon fiber. This is the first time that Rolls has ever crafted its iconic leading woman in the light yet strong material. She's comprised of 294 layers of aerospace grade carbon fiber and it takes 68 hours for her form to take shape.

The main tone is black for the exterior skin as well, but the cars are finished with either an Aphrodite Red or Morpheus Blue contrasting hue. Once you step into the cabin, the darkness continues to envelop the soul of this Goodwood-built machine. Rolls-Royce has utilized laboratory diamonds to coddle the Black Badge infinity symbol inside the car. Overhead you'll find 1,340 fiberoptic lights to create another diamond pattern. For the first time, the overhead lamps use graded intensity that shades or highlights the pattern presented overhead.

A final luxurious touch occurs when one enters or exits the car. An illuminated sill plate reminds the owner that their vehicle is one of 30 or 40, depending on which model they've chosen. 

As more and more premium and luxury features filter down to vehicles within the means of the proletariat, it's up to Rolls-Royce to continually push the true luxury bar ever higher. The Adamas Collection cars do that, and they do so with a delightfully sinister air.