The Range Rover to end all Range Rovers cometh.

T.Fotiadis Design, a company based in Berlin, Germany that normally crafts luxury yachts and high-end residential interiors, has plans for a Range Rover 6x6 pickup truck dubbed the SLT.

But where a similar vehicle like Mercedes-AMG's G63 6x6 is all about performance, T.Fotiadis' SLT not only maximizes capability but also ushers in ultra-posh motoring.

The vehicle also has a specific purpose. It's envisioned as a tender for superyachts where it could be used to transport the yacht's owner and guests (plus all their luggage) from the dock to an airport or hotel or to private residences. Fotiadis tells us the vehicle's initials stand for Superyacht Land Tender.

T.Fotiadis Design SLT Range Rover 6x6

T.Fotiadis Design SLT Range Rover 6x6

The company says the vehicle also features inspiration from its luxury yacht designs. Yacht-like are its proportions, indeed. The SLT is based on the Range Rover Long-Wheelbase and measures 244 inches long, 84 inches wide, and sits 73 inches tall.

Details on its off-road gear are slim, but T.Fotiadis said the vehicle features three axles, six 20-inch wheels, and a custom body kit. Powering the mammoth 6x6 will be the choice of a 2.0-liter inline-4 married to a plug-in hybrid system, a 4.4-liter diesel V-8, or a 5.0-liter supercharged V-8all standard powertrain units offered on the Ranger Rover in Europe.

On the luxury front, T.Fotiadis plans to outfit the interior of the SLT with liquid metal and resin, porcelain, crystal. A set of exclusive seats will come from Foglizzo and owners will be able to customize all interior motifs and colors. Other niceties will include a wine chiller, airline-style and power-operated folding tables, onboard Wi-Fi, and LCD touchscreens in the rear.

Development of the SLT is ongoing but the vehicle should be ready (fittingly) for a debut at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show in September. The order books will open in the next three months.