The BMW Group's plans for an electrified future will arrive in several stages over the next seven years, and part of the strategy will include a whopping 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack capable of providing over 400 miles of range.

The battery specifications were noted in an Automotive News (subscription required) report on Wednesday. BMW Group research and development head Klaus Fröhlich told the publication that the automaker will employ three different batteries for its future electric cars. He also revealed the cars will have up to three electric motors. 

At the low end will be a 60-kilowatt-hour battery that should provide 280 miles of range. In the middle will be a 90-kwh battery good for around 342 miles of range, and at the top will be a 120-kwh battery with around 435 miles of range. Fröhlich didn't provide specifics on the electric motors, but he explained how the system could work in an all-wheel-drive model. For example, he said a large electric motor may reside at the rear, while a smaller one only kicks in when the front tires require power.

Klaus Fröhlich

Klaus Fröhlich

The final stage of BMW's electrification plans will begin in 2021 with the iNext electric car. An i4 model will enter production shortly after and be one of 12 electric cars the automaker plans to put into production by 2025. That same year, BMW wants electrified vehicles to account for 15 to 25 percent of global sales.

Future electric BMWs will ride on one of two core platforms: front-wheel drive (FAAR) and rear-wheel drive (CLAR). Fröhlich also pledged that batteries would not compromise design, and BMW is taking initiatives to tailor battery cell sizes to specific vehicles.

Shown above is BMW's i Vision Dynamics concept, which was unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt auto show and thought to preview the design of the i4.