BMW has given us a peek at its forthcoming digital instrument display, and it promises to offer customizable information and greater ease of use.

In the Tuesday announcement at Digital Day 2018, BMW said the new digital gauge cluster will be part of what it calls Operating System 7.0. The system is entirely digital, and it has been tailored to the user's requirements more than ever with customizable and personalized displays. Not only will it offer more information for the driver, but BMW said it will also present the information in a more organized and clearer fashion.

The gauge cluster will house space to display a section of the navigation map alongside driver-selected content. The new display also creates a uniform system (probably similar in layout to Mercedes-Benz's MBUX) with the Control Display in the center console. The center unit will offer up to ten freely configurable main menu pages with real-time information. And because everyone likes choices, Operating System 7.0 will support the iDrive Controller, touch control, voice control, and gesture control.

BMW's supplied photos showcase some of the various modes the new digital cluster can display. We see a normal display for everyday driving, an Eco display for fuel economy, and a Sport version with a more-aggressive look that includes a G-meter and other performance-related information.

At the event, BMW also detailed additional technologies coming soon to its vehicles. On the docket is 5G connectivity for updating HD navigation maps, enabling V2V communications, and streaming HD video; artificial intelligence to enhance safety in autonomous driving; and a host of technologies, including 3D printing and virtual simulations, to make for more-efficient engineering and development processes.

The brand didn't disclose when we'll see Operating System 7.0, but it seems likely it will show up in either the new 8-Series or X7 SUV.