Old-fashioned cable television has car-themed shows, Amazon's Prime service scored "The Grand Tour," and now, Netflix wants in on car-related programming. The service announced Tuesday that it will bring "Fastest Car" to subscribers starting on April 6.

The show's premise is pretty simple: it pits supercars against modified vehicles and sleepers in heads-up drag racing. Each episode will feature three built-not-bought cars against one potent supercar.

We see a pretty wide range of cars in the trailer. On the supercar side, we spot a Dodge Viper ACR, a rather blingy Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458, and more. On the sleeper side, plenty of obscure cars get camera time, such as a rusty Oldsmobile, a rat rod, and even a slammed Honda Odyssey. 

The show should be worth a watch just to see how utterly ridiculous the episodes play out. But we understand the idea—money doesn't always buy speed. Or, as the kids these days say, many of the supercars could use a "driver mod."

The entire series is unscripted, according to Netflix. Be aware that there is some foul language, so watch the trailer at your own risk. It might not be safe for work or for young kids' ears.


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