After a handful of injuries, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will return with "The Grand Tour" season two this December. Ahead of the season premiere, we have the first trailer to prepare us for the adventures and mayhem ahead.

Immediately, it looks like the team and hosts ironed out any quirks in season one. We see a lot more natural chemistry and honest laughs in the two-minute-long trailer. Within the video, we also see plenty of wild adventures that likely span the globe, the latest sports cars, and dashes of supercars for good measure.

Notably, the Rimac Concept_One is present, piloted by Hammond. The presenter escaped a fiery wreck in the electric supercar while filming a segment at Switzerland's Hemberg Hill Climb event. The trailer seems to note the incident itself and we'll surely learn more about it in season two, surely with a couple laughs.

Crashed Rimac Concept_One driven by Richard Hammond - Image via ‘The Grand Tour’

Crashed Rimac Concept_One driven by Richard Hammond - Image via ‘The Grand Tour’

Hammond also fell victim to a motorcycle accident during season two filming after he "came off" the bike at high speeds. Following the accident, Hammond said viewers would learn more when the series returned later this year.

The Amazon Prime exclusive show certainly found its stride towards the end of season one and season two looks prime for even greater success with a barrage of stunts and, of course, some of the most interesting and powerful cars.

"The Grand Tour" will return on December 8, but in the meantime, grab your first look in the video above.