• Ford liftgate projector patent

    Patent filings show a video projection system for crossovers perfect for tailgates or camping.

  • Netflix's "Fastest Car"
    New Netflix show pits modified machines against supercars

    Old-fashioned cable television has car-themed shows, Amazon's Prime service scored "The Grand Tour," and now, Netflix wants in on car-related programming. The service announced Tuesday that it will bring "Fastest Car" to subscribers starting on April 6. The show's premise is pretty simple: it pits...

  • Sirius Backseat TV - Chrysler
    Which Automaker Is Trying To Save SiriusXM From Pandora?

    We are at a crossroads. Thanks to the internet, people have become accustomed to the free and easy flow of information. Subscription services -- from newspapers to magazines to cable TV -- are scrambling to keep their heads above water as mobile devices make no-cost infotainment even more...

  • Verbatim Store'n'Go USB flash drive
    Store'n'Go With Tiny Verbatim Micro USB Car Audio Drive

    It's official: In-car CD players are so last century. If you're not listening to your music via a portable MP3 player or USB drive in your car, then you may as well give up on the luxuries of modern motoring altogether. Okay, we won't be that harsh on you, but flash drives and in-car MP3...

  • Tesla Model S Infotainment Screen
    J.D. Power: Consumers Want Vehicle Diagnostics Technology

    What electronic feature would you most like from your next car? That's what J.D. Power and Associates asked 18,000 vehicle owners, and 55 percent were interested in a vehicle diagnostics service. A system that allows your vehicle to send and receive information on car troubles to an engineer was...

  • 2010 Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept
    Jaguar Land Rover, BlackBerry Join In Smartphone Integration

    Integrating smartphones with in-car vehicle technology is nothing new. Bluetooth connection for making calls, and playing music and plugging in via USB has been around for years. Full integration of smartphones into a car's systems hasn't really been seen yet beyond the concept stage. One of the...

  • 2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

    Kids these days don't know how good they have it. The most entertainment many of us could muster on a long journey was playing I-spy, or maybe kicking our siblings and getting away with it when they complained. In-car DVD has made long trips a much quieter experience for parents, and now a deal between Volkswagen and Microsoft could make watching movies in your car even easier. Hard data storage in many modern in-car entertainment systems has made it easy to store thousands of music files or hundreds of satellite navigation maps, but Microsoft and VW may soon make in-car DVD players obsolete...

  • Hyundai Blue Link screen interface
    In-Car Screens Could Soon Use 3D Image Technology

    Nintendo's 3DS has caused something of a stir in the world of 3D imaging. Rather than using unfashionable and unwieldy 3D glasses to view a stereoscopic image, the 3DS and some other recent gadgets use autostereoscopy, utilizing two layered screens to display an image that appears 3D to the user...

  • 2011 Chevrolet Cruze
    The Ten Songs Chevrolet Uses To Perfect In-Car Audio

    It's easy to forget that amongst all the engine and chassis testing, selecting seats and trim and designing the interior and exterior, automakers also have to spend time developing in-car audio systems for the millions of drivers who listen to their favorite tunes on the way to work. Chevrolet has...

  • 2006 Chrysler 300C, Beijing Auto Show
    In-Car Entertainment Is A Real Pane With Window Subwoofer

    Audio firm Magna International Inc has come up with a novel way of improving your car's sound system: using the rear window as an enormous subwoofer. The concept is fairly simple, turning the entire rear window into a speaker with two exciters sited at the bottom of the glass, using the window...

  • Slacker Personal Radio
    Slacker To Partner Car Firms, Offer In-Car Personal Radio?

    On-demand entertainment is all the rage these days. You can fill your personal MP3 player with playlists and video clips or use your smartphone to watch television clips wherever you are. Personal radio is doing the same, with companies like Pandora and Spotify allowing you to create your own radio...

  • Monster iMotion CarPlay 3000 [via ZDnet]
    Monster iMotion CarPlay 3000 Turns The iPod Into An Xbox Kinect

    Let's assume you're a safe driver. You keep your eyes on the road, your hands and 10 and 2, and Big Gulps in the oversized cupholder. You enjoy listening to tunes on your iPod and/or iPhone, but you'd never look down to fiddle with the controls. Still, you wish there were a way to safely...

  • Chrysler FLO TV

    Dubbed FLO TV Auto Entertainment, the new system will offer as many as 20 channels and is the first of its kind for a domestic automaker.

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