Dashcams are a wonderful device to have hooked up inside your car. You never know what you might happen to catch with that little camera.

It could be as simple as minor fender bender, as amazing as a massive meteor lighting up the sky, or a bit of crazy weather crossing your path. You might capture a prized enthusiast machine take a beating, or a prized enthusiast machine capture a tire blowing out. Or if you're sitting at a bank drive through, you might just capture an out of control driver put on their best "Dukes of Hazzard" impression.

YouTube user Robb Brilbeck was waiting for his turn at his local bank. It seemed he was growing a bit impatient with the person in front of him. They were taking a bit too long to handle their transaction, and then it seemed as if they dropped something. The door opens up and a hand comes out. That's also the time when the brake lights turn off indicating the driver has moved his or her foot off the pedal.

In a moment of confusion and panic, instead of simply reapplying the brake or slamming the vehicle into park, the throttle pedal is pushed down. And pushed down hard. The vehicle rockets away from the lines at the bank and heads for a road running perpendicular to its path. In fact, there's now a vehicle directly in its path as well. But the parking lot slopes upward before meeting the road and sidewalk, and what an angle of a slope it is.

The now out-of-control SUV gets airborne and clears the vehicle sitting right in front of it. It's not a clean jump but it's enough that the vehicle appears to stay on its path. The person recording the action backs out of their spot in line and moves to park their car. We hope they then called for help and went to check on whether it was Bo or Luke that was having a bad day at the bank.