This video of a Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder system capturing the moment a big rig’s trailer tire blows may be a taste of the future. A future in which the many happenings on America’s streets and highways are fortuitously captured by people recording for other reasons.

On its own, this video, via Corvette Blogger, isn’t particularly exciting, despite showing the Corvette driver having to swerve into the left lane to avoid rubbery shrapnel as the delaminated or blown truck tire comes apart all over the highway.

But could this be the precursor to things like the thug beatings, carjackings, and oddball crashes captured on the always-on dash cams in Russia, Japan, and elsewhere? Possibly.

The one caveat is that the Corvette’s PDR system doesn’t record all the time, so the likelihood of an owner happening to be recording when something dramatic happens is markedly lower.

But until America is as rife with insurance scams, abductions, and other (often violent) mischief as those other countries are—or simply much more paranoid—the PDR may be America’s best hope for videos that capture life on our highways and byways.

Oh, and of course, it should produce some fantastic track videos, too.