Is the world ready for a brand-new offering from TVR? We're surely ready to find out, because the British automaker is back with a fresh vehicle.

It's reviving the Griffith nameplate, and it showed the new car for the first time during September's 2017 Goodwood Revival. TVR stopped cranking out its loud, insane sports cars back in 2006 but new ownership is looking to breathe new life into the sports car space. Want to see what it takes to build such a car? You only need to spare three minutes of your time.

Well, less than three minutes actually, as this time-lapse video shows a new Griffith being pieced together in short order. It all starts with a bare iStream chassis before the necessary bits are added.

Most necessary of those bits is the Ford-sourced 5.0-liter V-8 engine. Cosworth has applied a bit of tuning on the mill and it's now cranking out nearly 500 horsepower. It will drive the rear wheels and it will do so by way of a 6-speed manual gearbox. This TVR should also produce tremendous noise. In standard Ford-trim, that Coyote V-8 is an aural delight. After Cosworth has reworked it a bit, we can only imagine how much more audio punch will be supplied.

Don't expect to see a new TVR Griffith stateside anytime soon, of course. These shapely sports cars aren't destined for this market just yet, though hopefully that situation will change. You'll just have to enjoy them by way of a trip across the pond, or via YouTube for now.