Lexus may have just provided an early look at a new crossover smaller than its compact UX.

Toyota on Tuesday held a presentation where it announced plans to launch 30 electric vehicles by 2030 across the Toyota and Lexus brands.

Included in the presentation was an image showing seven planned EVs from Lexus standing in front of what appears to be current Lexus models plus a mystery crossover.

The mystery crossover is the shadowy model on the far left of the Lexus vehicles in the background. Next to it is what appears to be the UX, NX, RX, GX and ES.

Planned Lexus electric vehicle lineup

Planned Lexus electric vehicle lineup

Lexus is yet to announce plans for a crossover smaller than the UX, though its European chief, Pascal Ruch, said in a 2019 interview that the brand could launch a model smaller than the UX. Lexus also hinted at just such a vehicle with 2015's LF-SA concept car.

Given the size of the mystery crossover relative to the UX next to it, we'd guess it will be a subcompact model. It's proportions are also very similar to the subcompact Toyota Yaris Cross launched last year outside the U.S., which suggests that the two vehicles are likely related.

Considering the Yaris Cross isn't sold here, we might not see this new Lexus. In other markets, it would compete with premium subcompact crossovers like the Mini Countryman and Audi A1 Citycarver.

During Tuesday's presentation, Toyota confirmed that Lexus will become a full-EV brand in the U.S., Europe and China by 2030, and in the rest of the world by 2035. The first Lexus EV in the U.S. will be the NX-sized RZ crossover due next year.