When Chevrolet pulled the wraps off of the 2019 Corvette ZR1, a little nugget of information caught our attention.

The brand claimed the 755-horsepower sports car would shoot flames from its exhaust, but it did not provide any evidence. Was it a quick puff of fire? A constant stream of fire spewing from the rear? Well, we have our answer.

In a video published last month, Chevrolet provided some bonus content from the Corvette ZR1's test sessions. And, at full throttle, the car will indeed spew white flames for the exhaust—the entire time. The 12.0-second-long video immediately shows the exhaust light up with white fire, and for the duration of the video, there are flames. Chevrolet did not tell a lie and didn't' even exaggerate the fact. When the driver lets off the accelerator, the flames pop and disappear in an instant. It's truly an incredible sight.

And the noises. The ZR1's new 6.2-liter supercharged LT5 V-8 engine shares quite a bit with the LT4 V-8 of the Z06, but a few major differences are present. The supercharger is 52 percent larger and the car boasts General Motors' first dual-fuel-injection system. A new exhaust flap of sorts also helps create the incredibly loud soundtrack accompanying the car. 

Go ahead and press play above, but don't blink. The flames start nearly instantaneously.