Emirates Airlines recently convinced Jeremy Clarkson to say a few fine words to a camera in regards to its updated first-class seating accommodations.

Clarkson, in a video spot for the airline, goes on to describe some of the many features made available to those fortunate enough to fly in this space. And we do mean fortunate, as this ticket is likely to cost a fortune. In fact, to make sure this seating area is up to par, Emirates teamed up with Mercedes-Benz for some help making sure its planes offered the appropriate amount of luxury.

Calling it a seating area, however, is a bit misleading. This is more akin to your own apartment in the sky. It's a first class suite that comes complete with a sleeping area, a minibar, and a massive screen on which to keep yourself entertained on a long flight.

Mercedes-Benz and Emirates Airline team up for first-class comfort

Mercedes-Benz and Emirates Airline team up for first-class comfort

Emirates has taken design elements from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and incorporated them into this space. If you own an S-Class, you'll find that many of the materials used in this first class cabin are the same. The ambient lighting system is related to the one you'd find in your top-shelf Benz as well. Finally, there's the Zero G seats that keep you comfortable in the road-going machine and the plane alike.

This partnership brings added benefits to those flying in the first-class suites before your aircraft even departs. A chauffeur will arrive at your door to pick you up in an S-Class and shuttle you to the airport.

This is luxury on a grand scale. You can get cozy in the back of a Benz before you get even cozier in your own airplane apartment.