This bright orange Dodge Charger sure looks like the General Lee from the iconic "Dukes of Hazard" TV show, doesn't it? Actually, it's not even close.

That's because car is really a fairly common Ford Crown Victoria, specifically, a decommissioned police interceptor.

Smith Brothers Restoration is responsible for the Crown Vic turned General Lee (is that General Vic, or Crown Lee?) and provided an insightful video on how the car came to life. The shop says rather than scoop up any remaining vintage Chargers left for stunt purposes, it decided to pursue something inexpensive, easy to maintain, and very common. What checks all of this boxes? The Ford Crown Victoria, and thankfully, the wheelbase nearly matched the Charger for rebuilding purposes.

The restoration shop builds General Lee replicas for various "Dukes of Hazard" stunt shows and jumps the cars off of ramps often, so the approach certainly makes sense—the car's sole purpose is wreckage and crashing. After cutting the body parts off, remade Charger sheet metal was brought in and the shop installed various Charger pieces leftover from other builds. Some elbow grease, orange paint, and plenty of bondo, and the pseudo General Lee was ready.

From far away, it's extremely passable, but up close, it's clear this isn't a real Charger. The body panels aren't nearly as fitted, and the Crown Vic's original interior remains. That's okay, though. It's pretty fantastic work to create a convincing replica like this and it means high-flying stunts spare more classic Dodge Chargers from wreckage. We think the Duke boys would be impressed.