Do you need a ballistic re-bodied Jeep? If you do, you probably also need all of the options that go along with it. In that case, you're going to want to call your accountant and set aside some funds. The Rezvani Tank is the ride for you, and it's ready for your configurator imaginations to run wild. The base price is $178,000, but you're going to spend a lot more than that.

And let's be honest here, you should spend more. Load this thing up with all of the options that Rezvani has to offer. Go all-in on your Tank and you have a doomsday escape vehicle at the ready. After all, we're talking about a Wrangler-based vehicle that boasts a 500-horsepower 6.4-liter V-8 engine under its angry hood.

The engine though, is the least crazy offering to be found. Right off the bat, Rezvani allows you to spec different levels of ballistic armor protection. If you've only got $45,000 to spend then you're stuck with B4 protection. That means you have a Kevlar Superman cape in the form of B4 armor and glass—and it's resistant to handguns. Also, thrown in: military-grade run-flat tires and protection over your floorpan, fuel tank and radiator. More protection exists at the B6 level, which keeps you safe from assault rifle attacks for the low price of $60,000.

At the top of the ballistic protection hill on this Tank is the option to jump to B7 and into delightful insanity. Armor piercing rounds can be held at bay. Your door handles are electrified if you need them to be. You have a tack dispenser, gas masks, and firewall bomb protection. It costs $97,000 and we'd definitely be adding this were we shopping for a Tank of our own.

Don't forget to check the box for the FLIR night vision system.

After the more insane options, you get down to more familiar territory. There are two off-road suspension setups. The first upgrades the axles and ride height, while the second goes further with bypass shocks and upgraded driveshafts. You can spec high-performance brakes, a leather interior, and an Alpine-sourced CarPlay head unit as well.

If you wind up checking most of the boxes on the order list, you'll find you've arrived at an expensive proposition. We built one and our $178,000 base vehicle turned into a $300,825 Tank. If you're going to buy one, go big and let it stand by the name on the back. We assume that name is branded into the bodywork with some sort of cattle prod as a Navy Seal slaps the vehicle on its proverbial ass.

We joke, but we'd totally drive one too.