Harry's Garage is one of the great gems in the automotive YouTube landscape. It's run and hosted by former Evo founder Harry Metcalfe, and it highlights some amazing vehicles including a handful from his own personal collection. One of those vehicles that gets a lot of exercise is Harry's beloved Lamborghini Countach. He's driven it all over, and now he's using it to take a massive tour through Europe.

Harry and his Lamborghini set out from the United Kingdom on a quest for France's "Route Napoleon." This route takes the Countach on amazing roads through the Provence region of Southern France and, after that, the lovely red bull's nose is pointed through the Alps and finally on to Switzerland for a big Lamborghini festival.

Over the course of this video, Metcalfe and his co-pilot camera person have covered over 1,500 kilometers. That's before making the trek up from France into Switzerland. That's for another video to come. So in the end, this should add up to one epic road trip in an even more epic machine.

We'd wager that few other Lamborghini Countach owners are willing to put in the miles that Harry does with his own machine. In the video we're treated to some amazing roads, glorious sounds, and gorgeous sights. 


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