Judging by his purchase, legendary basketball player Michael Jordan has excellent taste in cars.

However, the basketball star has parted ways with at least one car from his collection: this Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition, and it can now be yours.

The extra-special SLR surfaced for sale on Autotrader and is located at a dealership in the Houston, Texas. Of course, the dealer made it clear this SLR comes with a very popular name attached to it.

The story of the SLR is pretty well documented, but what exactly is the 722 Edition? Again, we say Jordan has good taste because the 722 Edition was the track-focused version of the supercar.

It featured a modified 5.5-liter V-8 engine pumping out 650 horsepower, plus a handful of suspension modifications. The sprint from 0-62 mph happens in just 3.6 seconds. All of those performance figures are still quite respectable 10 years after the car's production. As for the nomenclature, the number "722" references British racer Stirling Moss and co-driver Denis Jenkinson, who piloted a Mercedes 300 SLR to victory in 1955. The race began at 7:22 a.m.

In 2007, Mercedes priced the 722 Edition at $480,000, but today the Houston-based dealership is asking $625,000. Part of that may be the exclusivity of the 722 Edition, since Mercedes and McLaren only built 150 of them, but the price likely reflects the car's celebrity status as well.