We all knew it was coming. Koenigsegg teased that it was ready to bring the heat with respect to the recent spat of news churned up by Bugatti and its new Chiron.

The Bug was celebrated because it went from 0 to 248 mph (400 kph) and back to 0 in just 42 seconds. Christian von Koenigsegg must've been quite tickled with that number and the press it received.

A teaser was posted the day prior, and now we have the full run. A Koenigsegg Agera RS has completed the stunt in just 36.44 seconds to do so.

In fact, the 1,341-horsepower Agera RS actually went 0-403 kph-0 in 37.28 seconds while covering a distance of 2,535 meters. That 403 kph mark equates to an even 250 mph. So really, the Agera RS went faster and was still able to come to a complete stop in less time than it took for the Chiron to go a tad bit slower.

Koenigsegg didn't even pull its bigger guns from out its hypercar quiver. The Agera RS has less horsepower than the One:1 and weighs a few ticks more. A One:1 would likely cut that time down a few ticks further, although it's hardly what you'd call a production car since there are only seven examples in the world. There are 25 Agera RSes. That number is significant as it is what motorsport sanctioning bodies as well as Guinness have used for determining what is a production car.

While Bugatti enjoyed its time in the insane speed spotlight, it's Koenigsegg that is clearly going to enjoy its place atop this mantle for now. The Agera RS needed just 26.88 seconds to reach 400 kph. Since the power of braking is far more effective than the power of acceleration, the car slowed to zero in just 9.56 seconds.

We hope this leads to more competition like this between the fastest production cars the world has to offer.